Senseweavers is an online calendar for Social Change events.

It collects, introduces and promotes:

  • Workshops in a specific social change methods
    • Examples:
      • Nonviolent Communication
      • Sociocray
      • Permaculture
      • Process Work
      • Art of Hosting
    • Conferences
      • Examples:
        • Tedtalks
        • A conference form the Green Party on Peer2Peer technology
        • A Ouishare conference which connects people and accelerates projects for systemic change. We question and experiment with social models based on collaboration, openness, …
      • Working groups
        • Examples
          • Meeting of the Chamber of the Commons chapter
          • Local Chapters of the transition town network
          • A local climate action group

Social change methods and conference formats are introduced in a short and concise way.

Any workshop facilitator, social group, community organizer for projects, conference organizer can post their events.

Facebook pages are created to allow people to post their events. The website automatically imports all these events in the fitting categories.


A Facebook page called Geweldloze Communicatie Workshops Vlaanderen en Nederland is used to post workshops in Nonviolent Communication for the Dutch Speaking audience. Any posted workshop on this Facebook page get’s automatically pulled into Senseweavers.com under the category “Nonviolent Communication”.

This website is under gradual construction. Aim is to bring together all workshops and events that contribute to humane, creative, embodied and ecological social change.

More info on the vision can be found on: senseweaving.com

This website is created by: Erik Willekens (Facebook)

Feel free to contact me on: senseweavers@gmail.com